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By | November 13, 2016

By Jeremy Marsan on February 26, 2015 |

While most desktop CRMs offer a mobile application, many are limited in their functionality. CRM mobile apps are often missing features included in the desktop version, which makes them ill-suited for the traveling salesperson who wants to use their CRM entirely on the go.

To bring you our recommendation of our best mobile CRM for small businesses, we looked at the 10 top systems and compared their mobile apps. You’ll find our recommendation along with a description of each mobile app below:

Best Mobile CRM For Small Business Owners: Base CRM

We chose Base CRM as the best mobile CRM application because it has all the key CRM features in a simple and easy-to-use mobile app, including Google Maps integration and call/text logging.

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Why We Recommend Base CRM For Small Business Owners

Base CRM gives you all the key CRM features in a simple and easy-to-use mobile app. You can manage your contacts, leads and deals. You can view upcoming events on a calendar and even generate reports, which is something most CRM providers do not include with their mobile app. Android, iOS and Windows Phone are all supported.

What’s more is if you make a phone call or send a text message to a contact on Base, you can set up the app to automatically log the interaction with an option to write a note about it. There’s also a Google Maps integration that displays a map of your client’s location on each contact page. You can also view a map of all clients, which is useful if you need to find out who is nearby.

The Base CRM mobile app has the best user ratings of all the the systems we reviewed. Based on these user ratings and my own experience, I found the app runs very well with fast load times and an intuitive interface. It can even work offline by saving a cache of your records, so you can view your contacts or deals even when you don’t have service. Pricing starts at $25/user/month, but increases to $75 to add workflow automation and sales forecasting.

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When To Use SugarCRM or Salesforce Mobile Apps

The main downside to Base CRM is that both the mobile and desktop versions are fairly simple – there’s no advanced reporting, marketing automation, invoicing or customer service tools. You also can’t build custom modules, which are “menu” pages like Contacts or Deals.

Salesforce and SugarCRM, on the other hand, have all of these advanced features on both the mobile and desktop version. The mobile app can be customized differently from the desktop version, so you can include just the features you need to use on the road.

If you don’t need any of those advanced features, however, then we recommend using a more basic system. Salesforce and SugarCRM are not very user friendly and require a lot of set up. Salesforce is also considerably more expensive than Base CRM, coming out to $125/user/month for the Enterprise Edition.

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When to Use Insightly Mobile App

If you plan to use the CRM on your computer and just want the mobile app to view records on the go, then check out Insightly. Insightly, which is our recommended small business CRM, offers all the key CRM tools in a simple and easy-to-use platform. You won’t find advanced reporting, customizations or phone integration, but you will be able to manage your contacts, deals and projects. It’s also one of the least expensive CRMs, with a free edition and $7/month premium edition.

The mobile app lets you view, edit and add new records on the go. If this is all you need out of a mobile app, then you can save your time and money by choosing a simpler CRM.

Mobile CRM Apps – In Depth Review


Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition): $7 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

The Insightly mobile app is great for managing contacts and tasks, however, projects and opportunities lack some functionality. You can view and edit them, but you can’t update pipeline stages. This means the workflow automation is not included with the mobile app. You also can’t generate reports or view a calendar, which users in particular felt was a crucial feature to have.

If you just need to view and edit your records on the go, then Insightly can suit your needs. It’s a fast, reliable and intuitive mobile app and you can’t beat the free edition or $7/month premium edition. However, if you wish to use workflow automation, reports or the calendar tool, then expect to log onto the desktop version.

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Zoho CRM

Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition): $20 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

The Zoho App has many – but not all – of the same features as the desktop version. You can access Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Leads, Tasks, Events and several other modules. For each of these, you can view, edit, create or delete records. You cannot, however, access Campaigns, Reports, Documents or Invoices. Like Insightly, you can use a version for free. The premium editions cost between $12 and $35/month, depending on which features you need.

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Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition): $15 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

The Nimble mobile app is still in its early days. As of now, you can view and edit your contacts & tasks, but there’s no deals or reporting. Unfortunately, this makes it an incomplete CRM, since you have no way of viewing or managing your deals.

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Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition):
$65 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

SugarCRM has both iOS and Android apps, or you can switch to a “mobile” view of SugarCRM from your browser. You can customize the mobile app just as you can the desktop version, so you can slim it down to only the modules you need on the road. Given this customization, the offline access and the ability to upload/download files on a mobile device, the mobile app can likely handle the needs of a traveling salesperson.

Note, however, the mobile app will not work with the Community Edition (free on-premise version) of SugarCRM.

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Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition): $125 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

Impressively, the Salesforce mobile app has all the same features as the desktop version, including custom apps. Salesforce is a feature-loaded CRM, so its surprising to see the mobile app have almost all the same functionality. Both the iOS and Android version have mostly good reviews, although some users note it can run slow and has a tendency to freeze up at times.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Platforms: Windows Phone (iOS and Android are available, but have not been updated)
Pricing (for most popular edition): $65 / user / month
Works Offline? Yes

You can use Microsoft Dynamics on a mobile device through your browser – you’ll be redirected to a mobile site. You can access your accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and more, but the interface is very stripped down and basic. Some of the things it’s missing are the Bing Maps integration, reporting and calendars.

There are iOS and Android apps available that look much more like the desktop version. The app, however, won’t work on Android 4.4 or higher, which has been out for over a year. The only app with decent user ratings is the one available for Windows tablets.

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Platforms: iOS, Android
Pricing (for most popular edition): Free for up to 12 users
Works Offline?

With collaboration tools like video/web chat, document sharing and project management, Bitrix24 is far more than a CRM. Reviews of the mobile app are generally favorable, although users have noted some missing features – you can’t upload files or add new projects. The search function is limited (can’t search through messages). Also, both the desktop and mobile versions can be buggy. Users noted button response issues, lengthy loading times and an overall lack of user friendliness.

One of the best things about Bitrix24 is the free edition for up to 12 users which includes just about all the same features as the premium edition. If you choose Bitrix24, however, expect to get what you paid for. Its loaded with features, but you’ll need some patience to use them.

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Starting at $25/user/month, Base CRM offers a fully loaded CRM with contact, task and deal management, reporting, call/text logging, calendar access and an impressive Google Maps integration. It’s reliable, user-friendly and has the all features a traveling salesperson is likely to need.

If you want a more advanced system, however, or want the ability to customize and reshape your mobile app, then check out Salesforce and SugarCRM. Just note that the price tag will be much higher, it will take more setup and the app may not run as smoothly as Base CRM. Also, if you don’t need any advanced features whatsoever and just want the ability to view and edit records on the go, then you can’t go wrong with Insightly, our recommended small business CRM.


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