CRM Software Solutions : Best Free CRM Software in 2018

By January 17, 2018

Businesses of today are in high demand of resources, and in a constant struggle to keep up the pace of their competitive environments. Maintaining a quality relationship with customers is the cornerstone of that process, which is why CRM software systems happen to pull some serious investment out of the pocket, and be the distinctive criterion that puts companies up and under the customer attention threshold.
Is purchasing a prime-brand CRM tool a reasonable investment?

As Elevation 43 strategy consultant Alexa Bridges explains, CRMs do help understand the customer and build a lasting relationship with the use of practices such as re-engaging and cross-selling. This, nevertheless, works only for businesses whose CRM expectations are realistic and down-to-earth. His research showed that 25%-60% of big-boom CRMs fail despite of relationships being the lucky charm of sales growth: it is completely understandable to invest hope in a tool that costs an arm and a leg, but the tool won’t by default plan a strategy for you.

It is here where you may stumble, understand that CRM is still an executive concern, and start wondering whether there is a cheaper, alternative way to get a hand in need.

Good news is, the software industry tends to surprise with hints and backdoors. Unlike ordinary vendors that don’t exactly benefit from giving products away for free, CRM vendors ensure additional profit sources by promoting their service, and that’s why their products can be available for free.
Can free CRM software do the heavy-lifting for you?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question, as there are fully-featured systems where nothing is up for payment, and there are ones that tailor the free package to the needs of a very specific group. In many cases, free and freemium packages target sole entrepreneurs, startups, and developing businesses, but this is not always the limit. In fact, our experts found plenty of reliable free CRM programs that are targeted for companies that want to stay on the safe side with their budget.

Usually, a free online CRM system package will be limited to a number of users (2 to 15 on average), offer symbolic storage and record insertion capacity, and exclude advanced features such as smart alerts, scheduled reporting, or even customization. More often than not, their users are not entitled to instant support as premium and paid-per-use customers would be (but do have access to a knowledge base and online community, where applicable), and won’t get to use prominent integrations reserved for higher plan users. But, again, this is not a rule and there are exceptions – you can find top-notch CRM software for free where a lot or all functionality is available for at no cost, and experts agree the cloud hosting wave will further increase their number in the future.
What is the best free CRM software?

We all know the good old one ‘when you get a horse for free, you don’t check its teeth’, but that’s not how things go with customer-focused software. Your CRM is literally the face of your businesses, and the source of operable intelligence no other system can collate. This is why even a free web based CRM system should perform up to expectations, and give users an experience they will appreciate.

The best course of action is to explore what the market has to offer, and compare the value of different systems to find the one that will suit your needs. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed and compared the best free CRM software tools in 2018:

Zoho CRM is another smart system you can position in charge of your relationship management activity, and do so without worrying that your free selection might be too basic. Keep in mind that Zoho CRM is not just a simple contact management app, for that purpose they vendor developed a whole different product called Zoho ContactManager. Zoho CRM, meanwhile, is a fully equipped package for lead & sales management available for free for teams up to 10 users.

Zoho CRM’s plans differ in terms of communication channel availability, sales automation equipment, number of records, and custom modules, but one thing the company is particularly proud of is delivering unlimited support to users regardless of the plan they’ve chosen. The free plan is offered as a unified, customer-centric kit fully equipped for email marketing, visitor tracking, customer surveys, social media marketing, project management, and a really professional analytics board. The mobile apps developed by the company are also available in the free edition.

Who is Zoho CRM designed for?

Small and medium business in the retail and service industry, looking for a complete sales force automation, email marketing & lead management system with reliable analytics. Sole proprietors are also invited to use it.

What features are available for free?

Zoho CRM’s Free Edition is currently among the most popular off-charge CRM tools, and the reasons are more than obvious. The unpaid package collates the best of the four paid plans, and wraps it nicely in a 10-people working kit with unlimited support and access to Zoho products integrations.

These are the features you can get in the free edition

Support for up to 10 users
Sales force automation
Feeds for team collaboration
Social media features (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+)
Marketing automation (10 Email Templates, Email Opt Out)
Document Library (Folder Sharing, Attach Docs, File Versioning, Reviews)
Standard Reports
Web forms
1 GB Storage
Product customization
Workflow management

What features you will have to pay extra for?

There are four paid Zoho CRM packages to consider, with prices varying between $12 and $60/month. The main difference between the packages is the presence of email management and sales force automation capacity, while the analytic features offered by each are gradually improving from one package to the other. All plans are billed monthly or annually, and come with a handy 14-days trial where you can test their features.

Here’s what paid features you can get:

Sales forecasting
Team collaboration between groups
Mass emailing
Custom analytics
100000 Data Storage Records, 5000 calls a day
10 Custom Fields & 2 Unique Fields per module
Slack integration
Synchronization with Google Contacts & Google Calendars
Full Inventory Management Kit
Unlimited Storage
Case Escalation Rules

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