Jail Management Software :OVERVIEW & BACKGROUND and Proposal Evaluation

By | June 20, 2015


1. Overview and Background

The Harris County Clerks’ Office (CCO) is requesting proposals from interested parties to provide a fully automated, state of the art court case management system (CMS). The project will be undertaken to replace the current legacy system.

In Harris County, The County Clerk serves as the clerk of the court in the four Harris County Civil Courts at Law and the four Harris County Probate & Mental Health Courts. The County Clerk is the Official Custodian of the records and seal for each of those courts and performs all the statutorily required duties of the clerk which are outlined in this RFP.

An RFP committee will evaluate, in addition to the current capability of a vendor’s existing CMS product, the extent to which the vendor’s proposal meets the functional requirements expressed in this document. When applicable, vendors should feel free to identify why they believe their proposal, while not meeting all such requirements, is nevertheless capable of efficiently and effectively meeting the overall goals and objectives of the County Clerks’ Office.

This RFP is intended to provide the County Clerks’ Office and all other stakeholders with the necessary information to better evaluate the proposals and qualifications of vendors in order to replace the Harris County Clerks’ current Legacy System and to ultimately benefit the legal community and the citizens of Harris County, Texas. The selection of a vendor and the awarding of any contract are within the judgment and discretion of Harris County.

In order to select a vendor, the CCO is issuing a RFP Response Evaluation Sheet (Appendix A) for the required functionality for a CMS product in this document. The CCO reserves the option to add functionality details later in this proposal process. The CCO requests that all persons or entities with an interest in supplying the product described herein submit a proposal and a statement of qualifications in the manner described in Section 2.

The CCO anticipates that the CMS will use the successful vendor’s existing case management products with the capacity for necessary customization. The level of customization/modification will be determined by joint consideration of both the CCO and vendor. The list of functional requirements below is a broad overview for ease of reference and should not be considered a definition or specific assignment of responsibilities. The precise scope of work will be defined during the Evaluation Plan and the Implementation process.

The CCO seeks a full-featured CMS with training, deployment and support services, and the successful vendor will work closely with the CCO to customize and plan the implementation of the CMS.

To ensure that the County Clerk’s Office achieves its primary goal, to implement a successful CMS system, we will need the vendor to complete a thorough analysis in CCO’s 2 court divisions. The analysis and Evaluation Plan will be considered the first phase of the CMS process. The vendor’s Evaluation Plan will include the methodology for the analysis, its findings and will be delivered directly to the CCO. The Evaluation Plan should be a fully comprehensive roadmap on how the vendor’s product will be integrated into the functional requirements of the courts. The Evaluation Plan should include all customization and modification work the vendor and the CCO have agreed upon during the analysis phase. Any additional cost associated with the agreed upon customization and modification work will be negotiated prior to the acceptance of the plan. Harris County is fully responsible for the cost to produce the Evaluation Plan. After reviewing the plan, the CCO will determine whether it is in their best interest to move forward to the next phase of the project. With the completion of each additional phase, the CCO reserves the right to move forward with or to withdrawal from the next phase of the contract.

Vendor proposals should include cost estimates that assume the installation of the CMS in 4 County Civil Courts, 4 Probate & Mental Health Courts and any costs associated with integrating the CMS with the current Legacy System the CCO uses. Submissions must also include a proposed deployment schedule that specifically describes the timeline, rationale, costs and other resources expected to be contributed by the CCO, and/or local courts and all stakeholders. The successful vendor will be required to adhere strictly to the negotiated budgetary levels and deployment schedule.
2. Proposal Evaluation

Following the public proposal opening, proposals will be evaluated based upon the criteria outlined in the Proposal Evaluation section of this document. The contract(s) shall be entered into with the responsible party whose proposal is determined in writing to be the most advantageous to the CCO taking into consideration the evaluation factors set forth in the Request for Proposals. The CCO reserves the right (prior to contract award) to inspect a vendor’s facilities.

This RFP does not commit the Harris County Clerks’ Office to award any contract or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of proposals. The Harris County Clerk reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, all proposals submitted and/or to cancel this RFP.

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