Student Services Demonstration Script

Recruit and Admit Processes 1 Prospect and Candidate Access External stakeholders (such as applicants, parents, high schools, alumni, etc.) want to be better informed. To meet these demands, VU plans to provide stakeholders with multiple ways to access current and accurate information. They will have the ability to: • Obtain on-line information about academic and… Read More »

Payroll Processes

A new payroll system would require the ability to enter and maintain payroll information from many departments, and possibly two campuses. The system will be required to provide concurrent use of multiple pay periods. VU offers a wide and diverse choice of payroll deductions. Individuals may hold multiple appointments concurrently: Faculty, Classified, or Student, or… Read More »

Human Resources and Payroll Demonstration Script

1 Human Resource Processes 1.1 Classification and Posting A department has a vacancy in a position where job responsibilities have changed. They need to determine whether to update the current position’s job description or to create a new position. The administrator requires the ability to access information on different job descriptions by entering key descriptive… Read More »

Cash Management

State and Local Cash The ability to distinguish between state and local cash is critical to VU, both for cash management and reconciliation purposes. Under the current system, this separation is accomplished by both the account range and by a state account attribute that appears on every state account. Every state account in VU’s accounting… Read More »

Accounts Receivable (Non-Student) and Collections

An Accounts Receivable (A/R) application is required to collect for amounts owed to VU by all outside parties. These parties may owe monies include students and sponsors of grant and contract activities, employees, vendors internal departments and alumni. 1 Creating an Account 1.1 Demonstrate how to attach a receivable to an employee, student, internal department,… Read More »

Sponsored Programs Administration (pre-award)

The following section describes the functions that VU desires in Sponsored Programs Administration both pre and post award. Using these points as a framework, please describe or demonstrate current or planned modules that would support these processes. The portion of time that is allotted to this section of the demonstration is insufficient to show all… Read More »

Finance Demonstration Script :Asset Management

The following scripts describe the elements of functionality that are desired for financial systems. Please refer to Section Finance ,Finance for more information regarding VU’s financial processes Asset Management This discussion is about equipment purchases. Other assets would include land and building acquisitions, and building constructions. These other fixed assets are not included in this… Read More »

Finance Demonstration Script :Procurement

Overview of the Procurement Process Per the Finance Task Force Strategic Direction Statements, the future procurement process at VU should provide a user-friendly shopping, ordering, receiving and payment process. This process should enable any end user to make an informed buying decision, efficiently place an order, record necessary information accurately in the system, acknowledge receipt… Read More »

Finance Demonstration Script :Budgeting

A large number of stakeholders, as detailed below, are involved at various levels in the budgeting process. Thus, the budget process must have flexibility in the span of authority allowed to create, review and monitor budgets. Also, all of these stakeholders should be provided with tools and information to perform their respective functions in the… Read More »

Finance Demonstration Script

The following scripts describe the elements of functionality that are desired for financial systems. Please refer to Section Finance ,Finance for more information regarding VU’s financial processes. 1.1 General Ledger (Financial Reporting) The General Ledger (GL) application will record the results of accounting transactions and accurately report the fiscal status of the colleges/schools, divisions/centers, units/departments,… Read More »