Software Demonstration Scripts

The following sections contain the detailed demonstration scripts that software vendors are expected to use as the basis for structuring their presentations to the evaluation team. Individual demonstration or discussion points may be treated separately, or in combination, as long as the major points are covered in a way that allows the evaluation team to… Read More »

Participation in a Framework for the Provision of Software Asset Management Services :Specifications of Requirements

3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 As indicated in Part 1, the Department of Finance is seeking to put in place a framework consisting of three lots, each containing a number of Service Providers to assist non-commercial Pubic Service Bodies manage their software license estate through the provision of Software Asset Management services. 3.1.2 Software Asset Management Services… Read More »

Administrative Arrangements and Terms of tendering

2.1 Procurement Process 2.1.1 While every effort has been made to provide comprehensive and accurate background information, requirements and specifications, Tenderers must form their own conclusions about the services needed to meet the requirements set out in this RFT. All Tenderers and recipients of this RFT may wish to consult their own legal advisers competent… Read More »


2.1 Organization 2.1.1 Project Organization Figure 1 LaSRS++ Project Organization Figure 1 illustrates the basic organizational structure for all simulation projects. The organizations identi-fied here have active involvement in all simulation projects and are the only organizations upon which this plan places primary configuration management responsibility. Two organizations play major roles in the development of… Read More »

Software Configuration Control

  The term Configuration Control is defined in Section 1.1 of this document. Software Configuration Control includes the following objectives: • Procedures for changing baselines • Change requests approvals • Responsibilities for change control • Change control process • Request for Change process • Level of control • Management of release documentation • Configuration control… Read More »

Software Configuration Management Tasks

  This section consists of the following: • Identification of Configuration Items • Configuration Items • Baseline Identification • Repository Identification • Configuration Item Identifier 3.1 Identification of Configuration Items The terms Configuration Identification and Configuration Item are defined in Section 1.1 of this document. In this SCM Plan, work products are considered for configuration… Read More »

Software Configuration Management Resources

  This section identifies the roles of individuals and groups that participate in the SCM process. It describes the relationships between individuals and groups. 2.1 Roles and Responsibilities Only the responsibilities related to SCM are listed here. 2.1.1 Project Manager (PM) • Establish the overall project schedule for SCM activities with Configuration Management Manager (CMM)… Read More »

Management and its role in software quality assurance

Introduction This Report focuses on Management in relation to SQA, firstly I will go through the organisational structure of software development & quality assurance frame work. I will then specify managements’ role in software quality assurance and go into the details of the contributions made to quality assurance testing by the three main managerial levels.… Read More »

Management of Component-Based Software Engineering

The advent of component-based software engineering provides managers with opportunities to streamline their software development process. These opportunities exist in all phases of the software development process, from analysis to maintenance, and from project planning to project tracking. This paper will identify specific areas of software engineering that may benefit from component-based software engineering. Component-based… Read More »