Product Data Management and Software Data Management Integration

  1 Introduction Today, many products, e.g. a car, an aircraft, and a microwave own, are being developed by means of different technologies based on both hardware and software. Although, many of these products, function as one monolithic entity, are complex since they consist of thousands of parts and components. Two things are crucial for… Read More »

System Management : Best Practices & Processes

6.6 Best Practices & Processes The following sections contain best practices for IT asset management that have been recommended by industry leaders such as the Gartner Group, or found in state agencies today. These are goals or targets and may not be achievable by or practical for all agencies to adopt. 6.6.1 Adopt a Maturity… Read More »

System Management

System Management Chapter 6 Asset Management The IT Asset Management Architecture defines the policies, standards, and guidelines required for the tracking and reporting of assets owned by the government entity. 6.1 Vision The State of Oregon will have an IT asset management program that collects and provides information to: • Report on the “state of… Read More »

Jail Management Software Court Case Management Software

  1. Introduction The Harris County justice community is soliciting written, sealed proposals for implementing a jail management system (JMS) and a court case management system (CMS). Proposals must include system integration solutions to support transaction processing and information exchanges between these two business domains. Proposals must also include a Master Data Management solution for… Read More »


  In this chapter, we present three strategies for risk management. These strategies are defined in order to support various types of software development projects according to the amount of risk influence. Based on the amount of risk on a software development project, we define three risk management strategies: (1) careful, (2) typical and (3)… Read More »


  The key to risk management is the identification and mitigation of all true risks or the development of a contingency plan in case the potential risk becomes a reality (Charette, 1989). The process of risk management and risk mitigation is connected with preventing huge losses in software development. Risk management should focus on risk… Read More »


  As a result of the conditions on the global software market, the software industry is becoming more ruthless everyday. In recent years, software solutions have become extremely complex, and the complexity of software solutions is growing everyday (Sertić, 2002). The global market requires software with new features and capabilities developed in small time frames.… Read More »


  Nowadays, software is becoming a major part of enterprise business. Software development is activity connected with advanced technology and high level of knowledge. Risks on software development projects must be successfully mitigated to produce successful software systems. Lack of a defined approach to risk management is one of the common causes for project failures.… Read More »