the customer relationship management crm value chain model

The CRM Customer Relationship Management Frameworks/Models A various range of comprehensive Customer Relationship Management CRM models have been developed. The author introduces five of them in this chapter. 2.2.1 THE IDIC Model The IDIC is described as below The IDIC Methodology The IDIC Model has been developed by Peppers and Rogers (2004) According to IDIC… Read More »

The Top CRM Vendors : A 2014 Overview

Comparing today’s leading CRM software vendors is a bit like matching David against Goliath. On one hand, you have the powerhouse CRM vendors whose products are consistently robust. Like Goliath, these giants have proven themselves in battle time and time again, and always come out on top. Yet some vendors come to the fight like… Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Payroll Software

Companies are increasingly using specialized payroll software to pay their employees thanks to its flexible administration, automated processes, and other benefits. Whether your business is hoping to simplify payroll and save money or make it easier to create advanced payroll reports, there are several factors to consider when choosing payroll software. Here is a closer… Read More »

Payroll Options: 3 Strategies for How to Pay Your Employees

Timely and accurate payroll is an important part of employee management, and can play a critical role in ongoing employee satisfaction. Gone are the days when companies could just offer their staff paper checks. Instead, employers have diversified payroll needs, from a desire to pay on different schedules to offering employees flexible strategies for getting… Read More »

Free and low-cost accounting software for your business

Most organizations already use accounting software to issue invoices, track accounts payable, manage payroll and so on. How does accounting software help? Accounting software can help you: increase staff productivity get insights into overall financial performance create consolidated financial statements improve data accuracy decrease outstanding accounts receivable and make fact-based decisions. What does accounting software… Read More »

Small business Customer Relationship Management examined

E-business and CRM The importance of effective CRM implementation is intensified in the e-business environment as customer loyalty is much more difficult to establish in this domain. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of e-CRM and assessing its impact on organisational outcomes for e-businesses are crucial. Since customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction and loyalty are centrally important criteria… Read More »


  RELATIONSHIP CLASSIFICATION SCHEMES Traditionally, in order to model the factors that distinguish supplier-customer relationships, a framework or continuum that compares and contrasts various types of interorganizational relationships has been used (Gundlach and Murphy 1993; Golicic, Foggin, and Mentzer 2003). As shown in Figure 1, these relationships can be positioned on a continuum that has… Read More »

CRM , Analysis of the relationships between market orientation

The customer orientation is recognized as the cornerstone of the functioning of the companies. Customer relationship management (CRM) and market orientation (MO) are both in relation to this. CRM and MO have been under permanent focus of both academics and practitioners in recent years. Although these fields have been analyzed since the 1980s, there is… Read More »


  The retail industry in the United Kingdom continues to be one of the nation’s most important. Traditional retailers are under increasing pressure from other sales channels such as mail order and electronic commerce. Ubiquitous technologies, in particular, the Internet and Internet enabled applications further force a previously unparalleled pace of change. Despite the apparent… Read More »

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

CRM : Customer Relationship Management What Is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System? Even if you think you know the answer, the question has changed. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO state precisely what customer relationship management (CRM) means to everyone. The term has been applied to almost every element of business that even remotely interacts with a… Read More »