Software service companies graduating to making products?

Unilog, with its office in Bangalore and a coding centre in Mysore, was a typical software services firm till the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 dented the cost cushion such companies enjoyed. Pricing had to drop and margins took a hit, but Unilog’s CEO Suchit Bachalli still found that a run-of-the-mill services contract offered very… Read More »

Work Smarter, Better, Faster with the very best business software

According to Forrester, business-focused SaaS software are the leading and fastest growing segment of the cloud computing industry in the main because small businesses see it as a way of accessing enterprise-class applications that are normally out of reach. The size and diversity of the enterprise software industry creates tremendous confusion among buyers as they… Read More »

B2B vendors add content management to their e-commerce software

The vendors say they’re responding to strong demand among B2B buyers for content-rich and user-friendly e-commerce sites. Technology vendors such as commercetools, EpiServer and HighJump Software Inc. are moving toward offering software that integrates e-commerce with content management software. The aim is to provide business-to-business customers with the rich media, video and zoom functions they… Read More »

E-commerce software spending will nearly double in the U.S. by 2019

And spending on services, typically five times that of software, also will grow rapidly. Annual spending on e-commerce software by U.S. firms doubled from 2010 to 2014 and will nearly double again by 2019, predicts Forrester Research Inc. In 2019, larger U.S. firms will spend $2.090 billion on e-commerce platform software, up from $1.204 billion… Read More »


Electronic records can be created in a range of different formats. The simplest and perhaps most common form are data sets contained in databases (these are sometimes referred to as data files). Otherwise, the majority of electronic records are still simple text-based records or relatively uncomplicated spreadsheets. However, as software applications become more advanced, the… Read More »

Network Computing

One of the most significant advances in computing began in the mid-1980s with the integration of telecommunications and computing to form computer networks. Network technology allows organisations to connect a number of PCs into a local area network (LAN) to enable groups to share software applications and file storage space and to transport documents and… Read More »

Mainframe Computing

The earliest mainframe computers were introduced into large private firms and some government organisations during the 1940s and 1950s. They were used to automate tasks involving numerical calculations (such as accounting, taxation or statistics). Data were entered into the computer system and then processed in batches. Batch: A group of jobs, data, or software programs… Read More »


Managing Electronic Records introduces the basic principles of electronic records management. Electronic record: A digital record that can be manipulated, transmitted or processed by a computer. Computerisation has led to rapid and dynamic changes in the way governments and businesses operate. Records managers today encounter a much wider range of records, paper-based and electronic, than… Read More »

Virtual University : The Virtual Undergraduate

1 The Virtual Undergraduate 1.1 Student One Undergraduate One is a high school student of high-ability, a track star, of minority descent from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Undergraduate One (know affectionately as UnOn) is interested in the University of Virginia, and therefore, while taking his SAT I and II, puts VU down as one… Read More »

Financial Aid

Overview In the future, UVa will continue to provide financial assistance to applicants in order to support the enrollment and graduation of a diverse student body. Throughout the student lifecycle, varying levels of financial assistance and fund management advice are required. Both the applicant/student and administrative staff will have real-time access to accurate information about… Read More »