Student Services Demonstration Script

By | June 21, 2015

Recruit and Admit Processes
1 Prospect and Candidate Access
External stakeholders (such as applicants, parents, high schools, alumni, etc.) want to be better informed. To meet these demands, VU plans to provide stakeholders with multiple ways to access current and accurate information. They will have the ability to:
• Obtain on-line information about academic and non-academic programs, distance-learning and continuing education programs
• Complete application forms in multiple format
• Rely on interactive capabilities to transmit transcripts, text, numerical data, images, audio, video, etc. (This capability is especially important between VU and high schools, as well as with other universities, to facilitate the evaluation of candidates and transfer students for admission.)
• Access application requirements, deadlines and on-line status check capability throughout the admissions process. Access additional WWW links to locality information and attractions (weather, cultural, geographical) to encourage applicants to accept.
• Receive CD-ROM or web-based information delivery (entering students) to replace and consolidate multiple mailings from multiple sources
Demonstrate the ability of a prospect to access:
1 Programs of study and degree requirements for a College
2 Continuing education courses and certificate programs
3 Course catalog with course descriptions
4 Admissions requirements and deadlines
5 Statistical data such as apply/accept ratios, number of applications currently received, etc.
6 Job Placement statistics
2 Application submission and maintenance
A prospect decides to submit an application electronically, utilizing electronic forms, and to access on-line information about application deadlines and the status of the materials required to complete the application.
2.1 Demonstrate the on-line application process. Be sure to show how to enter basic demographic data, extracurricular activities, employment and diversity information.
2.2 Demonstrate how essays and other supporting information are requested and received by the institution.
2.3 Demonstrate how the information required to initiate the requests for transcripts, recommendations and SAT scores are entered into and processed by the system.
2.4 Demonstrate how an admissions deposit (received either by check or credit card) would be received processed and posted to a valid student account. How would this affect the Student Receivables portion of the system? What edits are in place to ensure this?
A recently discharged army corporal stationed in Arizona (hometown is Alabama) has applied for admission via the Internet. She uses her credit card number for payment of the application fee.
Demonstrate the ability to:
2.5 Maintain multiple prospect addresses and telephone numbers
2.6 Download information from the World Wide Web application for admission
2.7 Process application fee from a credit card
2.8 Automatically generate follow-up mailings (e.g. request for a final transcript)
A student has applied for admission. Proactively, a member of the admissions staff, or a telemarketer, is making an evening call to inform him of upcoming deadlines and to remind him to submit additional credentials. The student has applied for one term, but is considering enrolling for a different term.
Demonstrate the ability to:
2.9 Allow student to update his file with any new information (such as new address or telephone number) through the World Wide Web
2.10 Update and track an applicant’s total contact history on-line, including encounters with all university personnel (or faculty) identified by date and person
3 Select, Offer and Notify Students
This process involves applying the selection guidelines to be used in reviewing applications, making decisions, determining the financial aid award, and evaluating previous course work. An integrated “admit packet” will be sent to students who are accepted.
A student is currently a first-term senior in high school. He has completed nine credit hours at a community college and is currently enrolled in six credit hours through VU’s advance credit program. The student recently applied electronically through the World Wide Web to VU as a first-time, full-time freshman for the fall semester. His enrollment is contingent upon a satisfactory financial aid offer. The student has indicated that he can be reached at his permanent address until 06/01/98. At that time, he will relocate to another state where he will be employed as a camp counselor for two months.
3.1 How an admissions officer will review applicant credentials to come to a decision. Evaluate credentials based upon objective selection criteria and generate a recommended admission decision and communication.
3.2 How to generate automatic notifications regarding financial aid, housing, orientation, final transcripts, and enrollment fee, including timed reminders to complete the FAFSA, send final transcripts, pay enrollment fee, etc.
3.3 How to schedule the student for orientation prior to a specified date.
Discuss ability to:
3.4 Handle multiple decision dates and ‘early’ decisions
3.5 Waive application fee for specific applicants