Top 10 Best Brand Management Software

By | June 27, 2015

Brand management software are such programs that help small as well as large company owners to arrange their products. Business proprietors and owners become able to manage their assets, project workflow, marketing campaigns and everything related to their brands and products. In the following list we have rounded some of the best brand management software that will surely be helpful for brand makers.
DAM Lite

Offered by Smartimage, the DAM Lite is user-friendly tool simplifying the access, manage and share images instantly. The product includes artwork automation, asset management, multi-format output, project workflow, search functionality, and user defined permissions. Its smart attributes like auto-mapping metadata, auto file conversion, and keywords as tags work to save you and your precious time. With this tool you can invite administrators help upload, arrange, and share your images easily.

MarcomCentral by PTI Marketing allows you upload and share approved, on-brand assets with internal and external groups. Access to assets is based on permission, and users merely find what’s plausible for their distinct use. Assets can be configured, however, lively content options make sure they are always fully amenable. The tool additionally does include alerts, approval press control, artwork automation, asset management, change management, and much more.
Send Social Media

Send Social Media offers its users a simplest way to organize, watch, track and gauge all your marketing moves. You can manage your full email marketing campaign besides launching a mobile text messaging move. The service allows you watch your brand across the web while evaluating your outcomes with in-depth reports. Send Social Media comes with fulfillment distribution, multi-format output, project workflow, search functionality, and much more.


Integrate is by far the first advertising system supplier that leverages media buyers to arrange, trigger, evaluate, and optimize marketing campaigns across performance both on digital as well as traditional media. It allows you measure and optimize results by connecting media and marketing strategies along with you can get new prospects and clients via a vetted cross-platform marketplace.

Brandfolder affords small to medium-ranged brands and enterprises with simplified digital asset arrangement scheme. The service puts all marketing assets on one place making them accessible from one link. Brandfolder also includes alerts, approval process control, asset management, change management, search functionality, and user defined permissions.

BrandMaker is pivotal, web-based marketing program which is easily accessible for central and local marketing employees via web browser. The top marketing resource organizing plan automates a wide spectrum of workflows and hence enhances your marketing productivity and efficiency. The program consists of a vast variety of software modules, covering the entire marketing circumference.
Advocate Management Platform

Powered by Amplifinity, the Advocate Management Platform (AMP) serves to make your products to stimulate their brand advocates to market and sell, serves enterprise-level customers in both B2B and B2C departments. The company provides multiple touchpoint choices – both online and offline – supple program layout, enterprise scale and integration, tracking and gauging of brand advocate movement from action to closed sale, white labeling, and much more.
Brand Centre

BrandCentre is a product of Adgistics offering brand asset management and marketing system solutions to highly standard brands. The program has the potential to manage whole range of brand assets, improving effectiveness across multiple languages and outcome platforms. It serves to manage and improve without enforcing an off-the-shelf vision of how you should use. The brandCentre is comprehensively engineered and configured to the brands ethos, emerging the initial channel for your brand.
Brand Locker

The product of Marvia, the BrandLocker is aimed to automate marketing globally. This is a user-friendly web-based app that helps you create, manage and order your marketing collocations. With BrandLocker you can manage your brand assets in an online setting. You can conveniently enter structure to your content and make your brand easy to be accessible for its users.
Campaign Drive

Powered by Pica9, the software goes to improve brand attachment and lessen production costs. It simplifies the purchase of print, broadcast, and online marketing for native marketers. The product helps users to create brand-consistent marketing stuffs, without the requirement for design software or expertise. Campaign Drive does include approval process control, artwork automation, asset management, and much more.